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The complete geospatial toolbox.

I am excited to announce the release of AutoGeo, a new open-source web-based software package that provides a suite of geospatial and surveying computations. AutoGeo is designed to be easy to use, yet powerful enough for a wide range of applications.

I am developing AutoGeo because I was frustrated with the lack of good, free geospatial software. Most of the available software is either expensive or difficult to use. AutoGeo is my attempt to create a software package that is both affordable and accessible to everyone.


I've been developing AutoGeo since September of 2022. I started by writing a small Kotlin script to perform least-squares adjustments. As I continued to use this script, I realized that it could be expanded into a more comprehensive software package.

I decided to develop AutoGeo as a web-based application because I wanted it to be accessible to everyone. Web-based applications can be used on any device with a modern web browser, which means that you don't need to install any software to use AutoGeo.

I'm using the latest web technologies to develop AutoGeo, including Next.js and TypeScript. I also use Chakra UI for components and Firebase for authentication and user storage.

I am very happy with the results of my development efforts. AutoGeo is a powerful and easy-to-use software package that I believe will be of great value to the geospatial community.


AutoGeo provides a wide range of features for geospatial and surveying computations. It includes tools for coordinate transformations, least-squares adjustments, geodetic computations, and more. Additionally, AutoGeo provides an intuitive user interface for users to quickly and easily access the features they need.

AutoGeo is also designed to be extensible. I am planning to add more features in the future, such as integration with external data sources, 3D visualization, and image processing.