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DrillGen is an Android app I developed in January 2021 that generates marching band drills. The app allows you to specify what kinds of drills and how complex they are. After generation, the app internally stores them and the user can share them with email, text, or any other service.

During my senior year of high school, I was appointed as Drum Major of our school's marching band. One problem I knew I wanted to solve afterwards was drill generation. It's important for Drum Majors to always have new content to present to the band to allow them to perform their best and practice efficiently.

I developed it for one main reason: allowing Drum Majors and other leaders to quickly gather a resource to teach the band. It’s often that throughout the part of the marching season that overlaps with school, fundamental block warm-up can become boring and invoke disinterestedness in the band. This is not ideal since we should keep engagement high to help maintain motivation. DrillGen may help this by allowing Drum Majors to quickly present new material to the band. This way, the same drills aren't repeated every day and the band can improve their ability by working on challenging material.

This is my 3rd major app that I've developed and I'm happy with the results. It's built with standard Android libraries and doesn't depend on anything special.