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3D Historical Documentation


This page is a comprehensive list of all media captured during the process, as well as the final deliverables for the KNHP project.

Note: This page displays images that are optimized for loading speed. To view the full resolution images—plus all other deliverables, download this archive (3.9 GB).

Field work

Me and Wes, another student in DHSC, scanning the building.

Another crew was tasked with establishing horizontal and vertical control. They ran static GPS sessions and established a grid of control points. Also, they observed checkerboard patterns I placed on the building to help georeference the scans.

Point cloud

An overview of the registered point cloud.

From a different angle.

The opposite side of the building. Note the presence of points captured on buildings on the Houghton-side of the portage(!)

The south portion of the roof did not get scanned, so the point cloud is incomplete here.

The interior first floor.

From a different angle.

An orthophoto of a transparent point cloud.

A preliminary elevation.

Floor plan

I brought the point cloud into Autodesk Revit began to model the building.

The model.

An early floor plan.

In order to create the cross section, I had to render orthographic projections of cutting-plane views.

Cutting-plane view of the first floor.

Cutting-plane view of the second floor north.

Cutting-plane view of the second floor south.

A cutting-plane view of the portage helped determine the edge of the dock, as well as the mean water level on that day. You can see one of the targets in this photo.

The final version of the floor plan, with cross section.

Interior Photos

Here are some photos of the interior of the building. They were taken by the Matterport Pro2 camera.

First floor

Second floor north

Second floor south

Point Cloud Animation

An animation of the point cloud of the second floor of the warehouse.